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Deni Staples received her training as a whole health hypnotherapist at the Colorado School for Counseling Hypnotherapy in Longmont, Colorado in 2005. Her program required 400 hours of training.

Deni completed course work in Cellular Release Therapy, Spirit Releasement, and Past Life Regression. She also trained with Psychic Medium and Intituitive teacher Deb Sheppard. Previously, Deni studied Communications at Pittsburg State University.

She feels that her journey has taken her to places to become healed and more fulfilled in her own life. Now she wants to help others on their journeys.

Hypnotherapy is resolution-based with the client in charge of his/her own healing. It is about taking the challenges we face in life and looking at them through different eyes, becoming “de-hypnotized” in a way. We are “hypnotized” by life, family stories, judgment, co-dependency, the media, grief, trauma, or anything that is someone else’s idea of how we should think, feel, or live. For some people that is okay, but for some it is time for a change. That’s why Deni is here to help you learn how to achieve your highest and best life! She will show you self-hypnosis techniques that will help you become empowered to make the choices that you really want in your life.

Deni offers FREE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATIONS, so you can connect and discuss any questions about how hypnotherapy can work for you. The consultations can be on the phone or in person. Sessions can be held at Whole Health Center, your home or office, or SKYPE.

The following is a list of sessions that are available: Past Life Regression, Connecting to Loved Ones who have died, Life Choices, Career Choices, Communication, Goals, Performance, Abundance, Angels, Love, Twin Flames, Soulmates, Spirituality, Guides, Higher Self, Intuitive Awareness, Infertility, Connection with Unborn Children, Health, Weight, Divorce, Grief, Death/Dying, Abortion, Trauma, Anxiety, Phobia, Fear, Anger, Sadness, Possession, Blocks, LGBT, Transgender, and more!

If you feel there is something keeping you from moving forward, Deni will help you identify it and see the choices surrounding it.

Deni can help with addiction if you are willing to look at what is underlying and what you were going through when you became addicted.

Hypnotherapy is solution-based, so the issues can often be resolved in one to three sessions. Individual, couples, or groups are welcome.

For more information, please go to Deni’s website.


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