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Mary is a graduate of the Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI) in Washington DC. Mary is certified in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, is a Level II Reiki practitioner and has received training in basic myofascial techniques. After graduating in 2003, she worked as an Instructor in PMTI’s professional training program. In addition to deepening her knowledge of massage therapy through continuing education and teaching, Mary was also the Director of Programs at Touch of Relief, a non-profit focused on providing complementary health care to traumatized populations. In this capacity she visited the Gulf numerous times post-Hurricane Katrina to provide massage therapy to relief and recovery workers, provided weekly massage to injured soldiers and their caregivers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and implemented programs offering massage therapy and yoga at shelters for battered women and their children in Washington, DC. Mary is dedicated to providing a safe, healing space for clients. She especially enjoys customizing each session to facilitate opportunities for clients to move towards greater health and joy.

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