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#1 TV Show Host Endorses Chiropractic For Wellness and Features Parker University President Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Television’s #1 daytime host, Dr. Phil, for the first time ever, featured not one but two chiropractors on an upcoming Dr. Phil Show on Thursday March 14, 2012. And Dr. Phil didn’t just host a show with a chiropractor, he openly endorsed chiropractic for lifetime wellness care, not back pain which wasn’t even mentioned. 
Dr. […]

Chiropractic Solves Headaches!

Marie D., a single mother of two, came to our office reporting that she had suffered from chronic headaches for the past 6 years. Marie had been taking Excedrin Headache and three prescription pain medications DAILY for her headaches. Not only were the headaches not improving, but all the medications were taking their toll. She […]

Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain

There are many causes of knee pain. One often overlooked cause is a simple dysfunction of the proximal tibiofibular joint. The proximal tibiofibular joint is actually a joint that is outside the knee. It is found by locating a medium-sized bump on the lateral leg about two inches down from the knee. The hamstring tendons […]

Oldest U.S. Pole Vault Athlete Cites Chiropractic for His Success

The oldest member of the 2008 Olympic U.S. Track and Field squad that competed in Beijing, China, this year is a 40-year-old pole vaulter who relies heavily on Chiropractic to keep competing on the international stage. This was the second Olympic appearance for Jeff Hartwig, who also competed in the 1996 Games in Atlanta where […]

Athletes in Many Sporting Venues Find Chiropractic Enhances Performance

As more and more athletes are realizing the benefits of Chiropractic in heightening their levels of performance, more and more chiropractors are getting involved with athletes in a variety of sporting ac­tivities. Certainly the biggest athletic stage that involved chiropractors in 2008 was the Olympic Games re­cently completed in Beijing. Four U.S. based chiropractors played […]

Chiropractic Offers Solutions to a Physically Declining Nation

As a nation, the United States is heading toward a sedentary, obese and very unhealthy condition. Individual sick­ness, unhealthy eating, pharmaceutical drug intake and personal disability are all on the rise. Lost time at work and even the costs for premature death add up to billions of dollars annually. The question of where to turn […]

Correct Head Posture Position Makes for a Healthy Neck and Back

Have you ever seen an older person who seems to carry his head way out in front of his upper torso? If you look at him from the side, the head may appear to be 2 inches or more in front of his body. You may even see a pro­nounced hump where the back of […]

Pro Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic

Many professional athletes in the United States turn to Chiropractic to help them through the rigors and physical demands of their sport. Players on the men’s professional golf tour have chiro­practors available to them at all of their tournaments. Many professional football players get Chiropractic help following rough and tumble games. Now professional baseball organizations […]