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Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice

Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice  Inspired from allrecipes.com   Rice sound kinda ho-hum to you? Not this rice. In fact, wild rice is rumored to not actually be rice at all! (Or even a grain for that matter.) That’s right – wild rice is actually a seed. And as a seed, it contains higher protein and […]

Golden “Gut” Healer Smoothie

Golden Gut Healer Smoothie by, Erin Urton Yoga and wellness expert, Erin Urton, shares her craft: a divine and decadent smoothie creative. Slurp your way towards vitality and with these anything-but-ordinary, power packed blender concoctions. Feeling stressed, busy beyond belief, with no time or motivation to eat properly? Stop, take a deep breath and drink […]

Five things Acupuncture can help you achieve in 2014

5 things acupuncture can help you achieve in 2014 In the pursuit of detoxing your body and having a fresh start in 2014, its time to act on achieving your goals and putting forward your best self for the new year. At Coastal Natural therapies we want to help you accomplish anything you set out […]

Don’t be a Food Puppet – Food Cravings Part 2

Everyone gets food cravings. Some more than others and no one really knows why. The reasons may be physiological or psychological. But until they invent the little blue anti-craving pill that gets rid of food craving without causing any other harm, you can let the craving pull the strings or you can assert your authority. […]

Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Excess weight is not just a cosmetic issue; excess weight impacts your health with increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. While Americans spend billions on weight loss products and programs not many of them see real results. Acupuncture is an effective means of controlling weight and appetite. Acupuncture releases endorphins which […]

Lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks – Guaranteed – No Gimmick, No Kidding

How many times have weight loss professionals, and not so professionals, claimed you could lose weight with their magic bullet? If it were only true that I could be thin on the ice cream Sunday diet. If only the tortilla chip makers could come up with a chip and dip diet that guaranteed I’d be […]