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 Keiko was first introduced to acupuncture when she was 13 years old, growing up in Colorado. Her firsthand experience with the medicine led her to pursue an internship at Whole Health Center when she was a senior in high school. Following her internship, she worked as an acupuncture assistant for Paul Murray while studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder. During her work as an assistant she gained hands-on experience and valuable knowledge of herbal medicine, cupping and gua sha techniques and developed her love and interest of Chinese medicine. After working for Whole Health Center, Keiko was inspired to pursue a career in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Keiko completed her Master’s degree at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA where she took special interest in Japanese Meridian Therapy and Wang Ju-Yi Channel Theory. Keiko was one of the first graduating students to complete the three-leveled Japanese Meridian Therapy program at Pacific College and has incorporated its gentle techniques into her practice to create treatments that are both effective and relaxing. Keiko's years of involvement with Chinese medicine have strongly influenced her life and she strives to bring this ideology to all facets of her treatments.

Some of Keiko’s specialties include psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression, women’s health, male and female infertility, diabetes, auto-immune diseases and other various chronic illnesses. Keiko also studies Chinese and Japanese language, gaining a deeper understanding of Eastern medicine. She has returned to work for the clinic that inspired her journey in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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