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Improving Lives One Colon At A Time.

I consider it a privilege to be able to offer my colon hydrotherapy experience as a piece of the wellness puzzle to you. I received my very first colonic in 1989 and it was then that alternative medicine became infectious. Slowly but surely I moved towards the philosophy of "healthy people are happy people." I realized then that as a child my mother and father were grooming our family of eight with natural ways including enzyme-rich foods, sunshine, exercise, water, massage therapy and God.

Shortly after the birth of my second child I obtained my prerequisite courses to enroll in the International School of Colon Hydrotherapy. There is simply no question that my training with Cathy Shea from the International School is one of the Colon Hydrotherapy Industry's top education.

In the last four years I have continued to move forward in this profession every year to the I-ACT Advance Level of Colon Hydrotherapy and also have reached the National Board level of Colon Hydrotherapy. With my education and experience, I have achieved optimum health through improved diet, exercise, supplementation and natural digestive care. I-ACT International Association Colon Therapy has therapists in over 30 countries offering colonics to people like you and me.

As a colon hydrotherapy client you are already one of the most proactive members in our community in supporting the health of your colon. What you do for yourself inspires us and those around you. I encourage you to educate yourself to benefit your journey to good health, knowledge is power.

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