To anyone reading this my name is Kate and before I came to Kayla to receive acupuncture treatments I was a person suffering from a large mass on my shoulder that appeared very suddenly and would not heal. The mass made me self-conscious and scared and I was determined to have it treated.

I went to six different doctors and no one could tell me what caused my condition. The radiologist said it was not a fatty tumor (lipoma), and five other doctors could not agree as to what the mass even was. Not one of them would take a biopsy of the mass and over the next several weeks I became more and more fearful and confused as to why this was happening to my body.

I had been to Whole Health before for massage and received wonderful treatments from all of their staff. One day I decided to ask them if someone could look at my shoulder and try to help me where western medicine had failed to provide relief from this problem. I was introduced to Kayla. She listened and helped me plan my treatment. She mentioned that she wasn’t sure if acupuncture would work but she suggested we try cupping and bleeding with the acupuncture to stimulate the circulation in the area so that my body could repair any damaged tissue.

I went to her regularly for a few weeks. In that time I saw the swelling in my shoulder decrease significantly. The procedures were intense but not painful and the entire time I was there Kayla ensured that I was never in any pain or uncomfortable.

I would have never believed that a few treatments or one person could do so much to help me. My shoulder is now almost completely healed and I have one treatment left. I would heartily recommend both Kayla and her treatments to help heal possible lipomas and masses that can form on the body. Kayla helped me not only feel better but she gave me the confidence to trust my awareness of my body and be an active participant in my treatments. She is amazing at her job and I hope if you are reading this you try her treatments. She really helped me.

Kate M.

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