For Anyone Who Doubts the Power of a Diet.

In the 2.5 years prior to meeting Paul Murray, our son became sick with a headache, achy muscles, fatigue and a sore throat. Through those 2.5 years those same symptoms kept reoccurring with shorter and shorter intervals of wellness. As the sickness incerased in frequency the list of symptoms grew as well as severity. The increasing symptoms and diagnoses during that time include:

Outdoor allergies, sinus infections, a bout with pneumonia that put him in the hospital, asthma, food allergies, stomach pain, stomach aches, a diagnosis of severe sinus disease (he had his enlarged adenoids and tonsils removed to help alleviate his sinus disease but was still sick), viruses, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, tension headaches and a sleep disorder.

Prior to those 2.5 years, our son had none of the above issues, not even allergies that we were aware of. He became so sick that in the 2011-2012 school year, he missed 14 weeks of school. Even when he was well enough to go to school, he never felt really well.

Fate brought us to Paul Murray. A client of mine, who lives in Phoenix, hear about my son's illness and said "for what it's worth, I have a friend who flies in to see this guy in Colorado 4 times a year who swears by him. I have no idea if you are anywhere near him but maybe it's worth checking him out". Turns out, Paul Murray is 1 town away from us.

Paul looked at our son's history, examined him and determined he had candida, an overgrowth of yeast likely due to antibiotic use. His tongue was coated in white, his acidity level was very high, and all blood tests (which were extensive) eliminated other possible illnesses. There were several other indicators that also reinforced this diagnosis. Our son was put on a very strict diet. I will tell you, it is not easy. It requires a lot of research, shopping, cooking and cleaning of dishes. And buying organics and grass red meat is not cheap either. But at this point, we were so desperate we would do anything.

Our son's case was not an easy one because of how sick he was. It has taken about 4.5 months for him to get well, but now our son is 8 weeks well without any setbacks. He says he finally feels "normal". He is in the best health he has had in over 2 years.

My husband and I ate the same diet in solidarity with our son. And as a side benefit, my husband, who has fought high cholesterol for his whole life, has had an amazing transformation in his blood work. High cholesterol runs in his family. At one time, when he was doing triathlons, his body fat was only 3 pct., yet his cholesterol was 280. The doctors have been fighting his high cholesterol for 20 years with drugs, always upping his dosage to keep it under control. Then about a year age his blood pressure had risen so he was also put on blood pressure medicine.

We usually ate what we thought was a healthy diet, rarely eating fast food, eating whole grains, organic foods and a lot of fruit and vegetables. But still, my husband's cholesterol would climb. Then his triglycerides also started climbing. My husband was not overweight and worked out diligently.

At my husband's last check up with his cardiologist, his cholesterol had dropped to 106, and his blood pressure had also dropped. He was taken off 75pct of his cholesterol meds. and 50pct of the blood pressure medicine. His triglycerides were normal.

Paul said if we continue staying the course of this diet, my husband will get off all meds. My husband's cardiologist said he has NEVER seen a change in blood work like this, ever.

My blood work has always been normal, but my usual cholesterol of 175 dropped to 145.

Never underestimate the power your diet has on your health.

We are so grateful for Paul, and the caring staff at Whole Health.

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