I was treated primarily by Paul for the period of two months for chronic knee and neck pain. I have done acupuncture before with several different acupuncturists. It always helped to ease off the severe pain, but I have never really experienced significant healing until I was guided to the Whole Health Center. In seconds upon entering the reception I was advised by a patient in the waiting room that Paul Murray is “the best”. Not really knowing who he was, I scheduled my initial appointment with him (and also the rest of my appointments after the initial one).

Paul has excellent patient relations skills - it was very easy to connect with him. His knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is exceptional, as well as his knowledge of nutrition. Paul is also very good at examining what emotional cause has preceded the physical pain, which allows him to treat the cause of it versus just the effect. And that in my opinion makes the significant difference in the healing process. While I think that the patient has to be able to do the actual healing themselves, Paul is an exceptional guide who allows the mind shift within the patient. The nutrition plan suggested works beautifully – learning about alkaline and acidic foods was fascinating. The acupuncture adjustments of the physical issues allowed the energy shift in my body and with the better understanding of the emotional cause of my pains, I’m happy to announce that I feel great and full of energy.

I thank Paul and his wonderful staff for making the experience exceptional.

Marek Chromik

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