So far this business has more than exceeded my expectations. I went in a few weeks ago for a massage with Nancy for my chronic neck and shoulder pain. She was the best I have seen so far. She not only knew how to get the knots to release without torturing me, she also explained what was going on and showed me stretches to help with the issue. She then recommended that I try acupuncture but not in an overaggressive way.

I went back for my first acupuncture treatment – I will try anything to help with this neck issue – and I am amazed at how much better I feel already. I saw Joong and he first explained how it works and what I need to change with my diet and time (or lack of) I dedicate to working out.

I really like the fact that the professionals all take the time to explain how to prevent or lessen chronic pain as well as follow up calls to see how you are feeling after the appointments.

I highly recommend this place!

KT M. Denver, CO Test


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