Hello, my name is Bonnie and I want to share with you my personal journey. In 2016, I was a very healthy and active 65 yr old woman. I was an avid hiker who hiked almost 200 miles in 7 months, including my first fourteener. Unfortunately, I had increasing pain develop over time in my foot. I found a podiatrist who diagnosed a neuroma and when nonsurgical treatments did not work I had surgery in March 2017 with another doctor, an orthopedic surgeon. Right after surgery I knew something was wrong with my foot. Instead of getting better it was getting worse. I kept scheduling appointments to see the surgeon but I was told at every visit, by both him and his PA, that it was normal. After 3 months of not being able to put on a sock, shoe or even walk, and experiencing excruciating pain 24/7, I went back to my podiatrist who immediately diagnosed me with CRPS Type 2. She even conferred with another podiatrist, a colleague, to confirm it. CRPS Type 2 is a debilitating medical condition that deeply affected me both physically and emotionally. Especially, given a slim chance for improvement. She recommended PT but I knew I needed to do more and after doing a lot of research on this condition I decided to include acupuncture as an integral part of my treatment plan. I had a lot of success here with acupuncture treatments for some back issues in the past. Coming here was a life changing decision that helped me both physically and emotionally. I have made significant improvements. While my journey is still ongoing I have confidence I will continue to improve with the continuing support of Whole Health. Trust your instincts and choose to be in charge of your own medical journey!

-Bonnie S.

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