After a life time of visits to Doctors, often with miss-diagnosis, prescriptions of no effect, or negative side effects, recommendations of unnecessary surgery... I finally discovered Whole Health Center! I have become a dedicated advocate of Acupuncture. You will not find a more qualified, dedicated, compassionate group of practitioners... who will guide you to a maximum achievable state of "Best of Health", in preventative, curative, recovery, short & long term maintenance. So take the entire family & find yourself on a path of "Whole Health" After every visit, my expectations have been met or been exceeded. Yes, they are the "Best of the Best"! They are on my list of "In case of emergency" Be Well ! Thank you Paul, & Marcy I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't met you...


I was treated primarily by Paul for the period of two months for chronic knee and neck pain. I have done acupuncture before with several different acupuncturists. It always helped to ease off the severe pain, but I have never really experienced significant healing until I was guided to the Whole Health Center. In seconds upon entering the reception I was advised by a patient in the waiting room that Paul Murray is “the best”. Not really knowing who he was, I scheduled my initial appointment with him (and also the rest of my appointments after the initial one).

Paul has excellent patient relations skills - it was very easy to connect with him. His knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese herbs is exceptional, as well as his knowledge of nutrition. Paul is also very good at examining what emotional cause has preceded the physical pain, which allows him to treat the cause of it versus just the effect. And that in my opinion makes the significant difference in the healing process. While I think that the patient has to be able to do the actual healing themselves, Paul is an exceptional guide who allows the mind shift within the patient. The nutrition plan suggested works beautifully – learning about alkaline and acidic foods was fascinating. The acupuncture adjustments of the physical issues allowed the energy shift in my body and with the better understanding of the emotional cause of my pains, I’m happy to announce that I feel great and full of energy.

I thank Paul and his wonderful staff for making the experience exceptional.

Marek Chromik

I am absolutely delighted with Whole Health. The front desk staff is friendly, attentive and professional. They actually look up from the computer and speak with you. They have the right people working at the front desk; people who make you feel welcome and important. Imagine the typical doctor's office reception desk: This is the polar opposite of that.

The facility is very clean and comfortable, not at all clinical feeling.

I have been on the receiving end of Autumn's incredible hands for a pre-chiropractic adjustment massage twice and both times I walked away--after just a few minutes--feeling like she'd excavated gigantic boulders of stress from my shoulders and neck. I didn't pay to see a masseuse, she just snatched me up while I was waiting for my appointment--twice--and went to work on me because ... well, I don't know why. But I've never had someone just want to take care of me for the sake of taking care on me (my mother doesn't count).

The highlight for me was Dr. Greg, the chiropractor, who actually took the time to listen to me describe my medical issues, as well as how they were impacting my mentally, emotionally, etc. He thoughtfully described the short- and long-term process I would undergo, answered every question I had, and also connected with me on a personal basis.

His adjustments have made a phenomenal impact on my physical well-being in a very short period of time, and even after a few sessions he is still talking about where we are, where we are headed, and answering all of my questions.

This is what medicine is supposed to be: compassionate professionals who love what they do and while doing so invest the energy into making personal connections with patients as well as making a positive difference in the lives of those whom they serve. And that last word, "serve", is important: Whole Health absolutely embodies the servant-leader philosophy.

I simply cannot overstate how impressed I am, nor can I recommend Autumn, Dr. Greg, and Whole Health enough.

Corey K.
Lone Tree, CO

I was looking for a place to help out my bad back, knees, & neck. well I found this spa online, searching for places that had more than massage in case I needed adjusting or whatever. Well this place is nicely located & priced reasonably so i called them up. I booked an appointment with Kyle( or 'Kevin' I'm bad with names) I said I'm not use to men therapists but the receptionist told me he's nice & he seemed nice when we met so I gave it a go. I was impressed with his knowledge of bodywork & thought he was psychic because he knew EXACTLY where the big knots were & where they affected, along with what technique to ease my issues. He told me about ways to maintain/not wear out myself out too, which i thought showed he actually cares about me recovering. I most certainty will rebook with him(or find him if he's not there, mwah ha ha)

Felix B.,
Aurora, CO

For Anyone Who Doubts the Power of a Diet.

In the 2.5 years prior to meeting Paul Murray, our son became sick with a headache, achy muscles, fatigue and a sore throat. Through those 2.5 years those same symptoms kept reoccurring with shorter and shorter intervals of wellness. As the sickness incerased in frequency the list of symptoms grew as well as severity. The increasing symptoms and diagnoses during that time include:

Outdoor allergies, sinus infections, a bout with pneumonia that put him in the hospital, asthma, food allergies, stomach pain, stomach aches, a diagnosis of severe sinus disease (he had his enlarged adenoids and tonsils removed to help alleviate his sinus disease but was still sick), viruses, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, tension headaches and a sleep disorder.


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