Acupuncture has changed my world. I have been working with Kyla Bates for close to a year and she is truly amazing. Kyla is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture, nutrition, allergy clearing and herbs, and definitely can relate to her patients. She is wonderfully charming and professional and makes acupuncture fun!

Kyla has helped me a lot with anxiety and keeping my immune system strong and allergy free. I go for weekly acupuncture with Kyla and am so grateful for all that she does. She is able to identify systemic issues and address them and keep me feeling strong, calm, healthy and happy!

If you haven't worked with Kyla, you are missing out- Definitely make the time to meet with her!

P. R.

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly tell my story and to highly recommend Dr. Wenying Lin, Paul Murray and Whole Health Center to anyone seeking treatment for fertility issues in hopes they will be encouraged to strongly consider acupuncture and an herbal supplement treatement program. I am absolutely thrilled to say that after 6 years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive, I became pregnant fairly quickly after my husband and I began acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements with Dr. Lin and Paul Murray.


Whole Health Center is first of all a very clean and pleasant place to be. The entire staff conducts themselves with a high level of professionalism.

My acupuncture was as complete and thorough as any I've ever had - and I've had a few. Likewise for the chiropractic treatment. Both demonstrated a sincere concern for my well being and they conducted the session in an entirely respectful and personal manner. Kudos to April and Lindsay.

Ray K.
Castle Rock

At 41 I had just miscarried and dropped into the darkest and dampest corners of my life. So much that I read told me that as a woman of “advanced maternal age” miscarriage was likely and that I may never conceive a healthy child at my age. I became quite aware of the whispers and unspoken glances that said, "Oh honey, don't you know how old you are? You can't have a baby anymore."


I have seen Paul Murray for the past 12 years. He has helped me get off several medications. I have lost weight and my cholesterol is great. Paul has been such a wonderful resource for the latest medical information. He always gets back to me regarding any questions I may have. The acupuncture I receive from Paul is wonderful as well.

Mary H.
Omaha, NE

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