Kyla has been a wonderful acupuncturist working with my daughter every week for the last 6 months. Isabella is only 3 years old and has spinal muscular atrophy. Kyla is so kind and careful that Isa does not mind the needles and even enjoys doing acupuncture. Kyla is very knowledgeable and also provides us counseling with nutrition. I recommend Kyla's services for anyone who is looking into doing acupuncture.

- K. D.

I am new to acupuncture and had a great first experience! Joong was very knowledgeable and confident in helping me with chronic pain. I look forward to seeing my future experiences help!

Kasia F.
Aurora, CO

I dont go to Whole Health regularly but I do know to head in when I have a medical challenge that standard western medicine fails to address. I am consistently frustrated with the western medical practice and going to Whole Health always helps me. I have been treated for chronic stomach issues, back and neck pain, and now chronic headaches. I am always treated well and feel that the staff genuinely cares and wants to help me feel better. That is invaluable.

Robyn B.
Castle Rock, CO

Cool facility. They cultivate this kind of chill, eastern, pagoda vibe in the place. You can't help but feel a little more relaxed just waiting to be treated, in a sleepy, find-your-center kind of way. They provide a lot of different alternative treatments there that I'm tempted to try, but I've only used them for chiropractic because honestly, they're in-network (Cigna) and close to work. I go to Dr. Mike. He's good, he's helped me. So - I go for the results, but the surroundings are nice!

Tomas Y
Parker, CO

Very caring & knowledgable staff. Dr. Greg listens to you and your body. He is rapidly changing my opinion of the chiropractic industry for positive. Easy payment options and a convenient location.

Jack G.
Fort Collins, CO

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