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Adjustment Puts Baby in the Right Position!

When a baby somehow gets in the wrong position to easily make its way down the birth canal, the MDs only solution is a cesarean section delivery. Chiropractic intervention may provide a far better solution than cesarean delivery. A fine case in point comes from the recent success of a mother-to-be in the Monterey, California, […]

Chiropractic Aids Autistic Children

The evidence continues to grow that Chiropractic may offer hope and help for children who have been diagnosed with Autism and resultant learning disabilities. Recent reports of children helped by cervical (upper neck area) and full spine adjustments is most encouraging. Two groups of children receiving Chiropractic care for Autism were the subjects of a […]

Children on Wheeled Shoes May Be Susceptible to Injuries

Have you ever almost been run over by a child rolling along seemingly out ofcontrol on shoes with wheels? The popularity of these shoes and the safety hazards they have been known tocause has lead some shopping mall proprietors to outlaw them in their stores. Some 4million pairs of these “wheeled shoes” have been sold, […]

Toxic Chemical Used in Drinking Bottles (Bisphenol A)

The Canadian government announced on April 18, 2008 that they will ban baby bottles which contain bisphenol A (BPA), which was concluded to be toxic. The chemical BPA may be linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer and early puberty. Experiments also revealed precancerous tumors and urinary tract problems in rats injected with bisphenol A. BPA […]

Sitting Back May Be Better Than Sitting Up!

Anyone who has ever been “yelled at” or reprimanded for poor posture for preferring a “slouching” position to sitting up straight may find something of interest in this most recent research into correct sitting. Researchers in Aberdeen, Scotland, lead by a doctor working out of a Canadian hospital determined that the “slouching” position may actually […]

Chiropractic Helps Injured Patient Following “No Relief” Back Surgery

Persons who are considering spinal surgery aimed at eliminating a painful or traumatic condition would certainly be well advised to consult a chiropractor before submitting to the knife. But what about someone who has already undergone surgery and the painful condition persists? Would they be wise to seek Chiropractic help in the aftermath? Recently, such […]

Inured Soldiers Need Chiropractic Treatment

Today’s soldiers who are placed in “harm’s way” face the possibility of personal distress at every turn, so it’s no surprise that injuries occur in battle situations. However, not all injuries are caused by flying bullets or bomb blasts. Many of the physical problems encountered by soldiers are similar to those prevalent in civilian life. […]

Survey: Veterans Want and Would Use Chiropractic

A recent report in the Chiropractic community news shed light on the fact that the Veteran’s Administration (VA) is moving in the direction of increasing Chiropractic services to those who have served our country in the military. Following on its heals, a new survey shows that the forward thinking of this, the largest single provider […]