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Whole Health Centers holds contest for free massage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Whole Health Centers holds contest for free massage March 21, 2012 Whole Health Centers will host their first Live Well, Eat Well, Be Well This Spring Contest beginning today and ending on April 14, 2012. The contest will allow entrants to submit images of what defines health and wellness in their lives. […]

#1 TV Show Host Endorses Chiropractic For Wellness and Features Parker University President Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Television’s #1 daytime host, Dr. Phil, for the first time ever, featured not one but two chiropractors on an upcoming Dr. Phil Show on Thursday March 14, 2012. And Dr. Phil didn’t just host a show with a chiropractor, he openly endorsed chiropractic for lifetime wellness care, not back pain which wasn’t even mentioned. 
Dr. […]

Acupuncture relieves allergies without side effects

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Acupuncture relieves allergies without side effects March 11, 2012 Whole Health Centers announces the highly beneficial use of acupuncture to relieve allergies for clients. Acupuncture, an ancient art of Chinese medicine, works by redirecting ones flow of energy and integrating healthy lifestyle and dietary choices to see results. The local Colorado health […]

17-year Chronic Migraines Cured in 5 Massage Therapy Sessions!

I recently completed a case study for Cranial Sacral Therapy on a very sweet lady, who was in a very unfortunate automobile accident 17 years ago. Until recently, she was suffering from what she described as “severe” migraines. She had the migraines about 6 times a month, sometimes lasting 3 days. Her only relief from […]

Chiropractic Solves Headaches!

Marie D., a single mother of two, came to our office reporting that she had suffered from chronic headaches for the past 6 years. Marie had been taking Excedrin Headache and three prescription pain medications DAILY for her headaches. Not only were the headaches not improving, but all the medications were taking their toll. She […]