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Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Butter Cups A dark chocolate lover’s healthy respite! Ingredients 1/2 C Coconut Oil 1/2 C Black Onyx or Bittersweet Cocoa Powder 1/4 C Almond Powder Pinch of stevia and/or salt as desired Heat coconut oil in a small pan over low heat until melted. Stir in cocoa powder until thoroughly mixed […]

Five things Acupuncture can help you achieve in 2014

5 things acupuncture can help you achieve in 2014 In the pursuit of detoxing your body and having a fresh start in 2014, its time to act on achieving your goals and putting forward your best self for the new year. At Coastal Natural therapies we want to help you accomplish anything you set out […]

Super Mom Uses Acupuncture to Stay Healthy and Fit How Acupuncture Improves Fitness By Minsun Park — December 24, 2013 Like most people who discover the benefits of acupuncture, I saw it as a last resort after seeing numerous doctors and chiropractors for a nagging neck and shoulder injury. A few rounds of acupuncture quickly cured what a year of physical therapy, steroid shots, […]