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Correct Head Posture Position Makes for a Healthy Neck and Back

Have you ever seen an older person who seems to carry his head way out in front of his upper torso? If you look at him from the side, the head may appear to be 2 inches or more in front of his body. You may even see a pro­nounced hump where the back of […]

Pro Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic

Many professional athletes in the United States turn to Chiropractic to help them through the rigors and physical demands of their sport. Players on the men’s professional golf tour have chiro­practors available to them at all of their tournaments. Many professional football players get Chiropractic help following rough and tumble games. Now professional baseball organizations […]

Study Shows Chiropractic Adjustment May Handle Vertigo-Related Disease

People who suffer from severe dizziness will frequently have the term Meniere’s Disease advanced as one possible cause of their condition. And, when their symptoms also include a ring­ing sound or whooshing in the ears, pressure build-up in the inner ear and severe nausea with vomiting, the diagnosis of Meniere’s Disease is generally assigned. Meniere’s […]

Traveling Entertainers, Dancers Turn to Chiropractic for Top Performance

Did you ever wonder how dancers and traveling entertainers are able to perform at a high physical level show after show? Don’t they suffer from things like sore knees, muscle pulls and sore backs? Toss in lots of late nights, brutal travel schedules and con­stant physical exertion and you have the formula for all sorts […]

Stimulating the Nervous System Improves the Function of the Whole Body

Now there is some actual proof that measurable changes to the body’s nervous system occur as a result of a Chiropractic adjustment. “By stimulating the nervous system, we can improve the function of the whole body,” said Dr. Heidi Haavik-Taylor. “This is something that chiropractors and their patients have known for years, and now we […]

Many Ear Tube Insertions may be Unnecessary in Children

Parents of children with ear problems should be wary of quick recommendations by doctors to insert ear tubes. A new study found that in many cases ear tubes are surgically inserted too soon, thus subjecting children to general anesthesia for a medical procedure that may be unnecessary. Ear tubes, known medically as tympanostomy tubes, are […]

Chiropractic Provides Help for Whiplash

Whiplash is an injury that is common to automobile accidents, but there are many other ways in which this painful blow to the cervical spine can occur. When it does, studies confirm that Chiropractic can provide significant help and long-term healing results. A whiplash injury occurs when there is an abrupt backward or forward jerking […]

Chiropractors Have the Upper Hand when it Comes to Offering RLS Help

While the medical community is treating Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) with drugs and shak­ing their head in confusion when someone asks what causes it, the Chiropractic profession has answers and treatment options. RLS is a painful condition of the legs that often causes annoying sensations that include creeping, crawling, tugging and tingling feelings. The discomfort […]

Dr. Michael Beggs

Dr. Michael Beggs has focused his philosophy not on the human body alone, but the body's potential to heal itself and function at its best and without flaw when provided with the proper environment. Dr. Mike is here to help those who would like to achieve maximum health through natural means. Dr. Mike holds a bachelor's degree in human biology, as well as a doctorate in chiropractic. He received his D.C. degree from Loan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Mike's special interests in his field of study are progressive postural injuries related to the corporate desk job, sports injuries, spinal disc injuries, acute and chronic pain, prevention, and spinal rejuvenation. He employs the following chiropractic techniques to help his patients: Thompson, Diversified, COX, A.R.T., Stookey, and Upper Cervical. Dr. Mike's lifestyle includes snow sports, hiking, baseball, lacrosse, and daily exercise programs.