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Super Mom Uses Acupuncture to Stay Healthy and Fit How Acupuncture Improves Fitness By Minsun Park — December 24, 2013 Like most people who discover the benefits of acupuncture, I saw it as a last resort after seeing numerous doctors and chiropractors for a nagging neck and shoulder injury. A few rounds of acupuncture quickly cured what a year of physical therapy, steroid shots, […]

12 Tips for Happiness, Start Your Inner Revolution

12 Things Happy People Do Differently — And Why I Started Doing Them By, Jacob Sokol Posted on: people-do_b_3869793.html A lot of people have midlife crises. Me, I had a quarter-life crisis a few years ago, when I turned 24. There was no impulse purchase involving a red Mustang or electric guitar, but as my […]