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Golden “Gut” Healer Smoothie

Golden Gut Healer Smoothie by, Erin Urton Yoga and wellness expert, Erin Urton, shares her craft: a divine and decadent smoothie creative. Slurp your way towards vitality and with these anything-but-ordinary, power packed blender concoctions. Feeling stressed, busy beyond belief, with no time or motivation to eat properly? Stop, take a deep breath and drink […]

10 Reasons You’re Always Cold

10 Reasons You’re Always Cold & 4 Easy Ways To Re-Stoke Your Fire Brrr! It’s January,  and dare I say, it’s unbelievably cold outside? Each day on my walk to work, I can’t help but notice at least a handful of what I refer to as ‘true Bostonians’ walking down the street–these women holding a […]

Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Butter Cups A dark chocolate lover’s healthy respite! Ingredients 1/2 C Coconut Oil 1/2 C Black Onyx or Bittersweet Cocoa Powder 1/4 C Almond Powder Pinch of stevia and/or salt as desired Heat coconut oil in a small pan over low heat until melted. Stir in cocoa powder until thoroughly mixed […]

Gluten-Free Holiday Pumpkin Spice Bread

Gluten-Free Holiday Pumpkin Spice Bread Enjoy a warm and spicy, delicious bread this holiday season! It’s sugar-free and gluten-free to boot! Top it with apple butter or molasses for an Autumnal treat! Dry Ingredients 1C molasses 1 ½ tsp xanthum gum 3 C gluten-free baking flour (I use Bob’s Red Mill Baking Flour Mix) 2 […]

Pumpkin Custard

½ cup cashews 1 tablespoon agar flakes 1 pinch celtic sea salt 1 ¼ cups water, boiling 1 ½ cups roasted pumpkin (or other winter squash) ¼ cup agave nectar (plus a little more if you want it sweeter) 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1-2 teaspoons ground cinnamon ¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg 1 pinch ground cloves […]

Butternut Squash Pie

2 medium butternut squash, cut in half, seeded 3 tablespoons butter or grapeseed oil 2 eggs 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ½ teaspoon celtic sea salt   Bake squash in the oven at 350° for 40 minutes, until soft Scoop squash out of skin, discarding skin Place squash in food […]


    3 cups fresh cranberries (1 standard 12-ounce package) 1 1/2 cups boiling water 3/8 cup agave nectar   Wash and pick over the cranberries. Discard stems and soft berries. Place the cranberries in a saucepan. Cover with boiling water and turn the stove on to high heat. When the water begins to boil, […]