Chiropractic Handles Subluxations and Completely Changes Man’s Life!

Every single day, all across this country, people are helped by Chiropractic. They pay visits to their chiropractor and experience help and relief for that which ails them. This is not new news. However, when a person comes into the doctor’s office suffering from a variety of physical pains and mental dysfunctions and comes away with a whole new improved lifestyle as a result of his adjustments, well that certainly qualifies as “something to write home about.”

Such is the case of a 36-year-old man whose treatment was recently documented in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. Very simply, this man’s life was in disarray when he arrived for his initial examination and was drastically changed by Chiropractic intervention.

The individual came to his chiropractor suffering from a variety of ailments. Physically, this included left leg pain extending to his foot which he’d experienced for 14 years. He also complained of gastritis (acute inflammation of the stomach), ulcers and eye pain. Besides that, he reported nerv­ousness, a feeling of depression, lack of ability to concentrate and a general loss of interest in daily life. Additionally, his lifestyle was less than healthy: he smoked, did not exercise and regularly had a diet considered “sub-optimal.” He also had a history of alcoholism that included bouts of heavy drinking that had resulted in falls.

Examination of the patient revealed vertebral subluxations (partial dislocations of the vertebrae) and a treatment program was begun that was to expended over a period of the next 6 months. At the beginning of treatment and then periodically thereafter, he was asked to self-rate his overall health and quality of life. As treatment progressed, toward the end of the 6 months, the patient reported a 95% physical improvement in left leg, headache and eye pain.

In addition to all of the physical improvements, the man enjoyed secondary health improvements as well, including a decrease in stress levels and reduced nervousness. He also enjoyed better con­centration, the normalization of digestive function, in addition to less irritability and apathy about life. More spontaneous changes included quitting smoking, starting a regular exercise program, mak­ing better nutritional choices and improving his ability to relax. By at the end of the 6 months, the man reported his overall health to be 100% improved!

The authors of this case study felt that it was important to note that this person was never told or encouraged to undertake these lifestyle changes. The authors noted that the initiation of Chiropractic care by itself is not “sufficient intervention to allow a person to achieve total health.” Then they went on to make this observation. “Patients under Chiropractic care tend, as their subluxations reduce, to spontaneously take up lifestyle changes or health enhancing activities.”

Source: ChiropracticResearch.Org, “Life Changed Under Chiropractic: Case Study”. October 2006
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