Continuing Chiropractic Care Shows Long-Term Benefits!

Chiropractic adjustments provide help and relief to thousands upon thousands of people daily. To get the most long-term benefit from their initial benefits received, patients would be well-advised to continue Chiropractic “maintenance adjustments” on a regular basis.

A study recently conducted and reported in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics shows that persons who received “maintenance” Chiropractic care after com­pleting their initial care continued to experience a reduction in their disability.

Thirty volunteers who had been suffering from long-term non-specific back problems were divided into two study groups. The first group received intensive Chiropractic care consist­ing of 12 visits in one month. Following this, they were put on a reduced schedule of one visit every three weeks for the next nine months. The second group received the initial inten­sive treatment, but did not receive any follow-up care for the next nine months.

Members of both groups were evaluated and monitored for both pain and disability levels. Results showed that members of both groups experienced a similar reduction of pain and disability after their 30 days of Chiropractic care.

After a nine month period, both groups were evaluated again. Findings showed two things. One, both groups continued to experience a reduction of pain. Two, while both groups had reduced pain, only the group members who had nine months of Chiropractic “maintenance adjustments” experienced a continued reduction in their disability. Those who did not receive “maintenance adjustments” returned to similar levels of disability they were experiencing prior to their initial adjustments.

The study incorporated an accepted measurement tool for disability known as “The Oswestry Disability Index.” This questionnaire addresses 10 different aspects of a person’s physical function capacities. Only the persons who received their regular “maintenance adjustments” were able to maintain the functional improvements received during the initial care, according to the Index.

“Intensive spinal manipulation is effective for the treatment of chronic low back pain,” said the researchers. “This experiment suggests that maintenance spinal manipulations after intensive manipulative care may be beneficial to patients to maintain subjective post-inten­sive treatment disability levels.”

Source: Maintenance Chiropractic Care Shown to be Beneficial in Study, 2004.
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