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Garlic “Mashed Potatoes”

1 small onion, chopped ½ red pepper, chopped ½ yellow pepper, chopped ¼ cup Vegetable broth 2 cups cooked cauliflower, diced ¼ teaspoon dried dill ½ teaspoon garlic, minced   In a skillet, sauté onion and green pepper in broth for about 5 minutes over medium heat.  Add cauliflower and toss until heated through.  Add […]

Thanksgiving Feast

We have arrived in the season of feasts and celebrations.  Traditional meals, with rituals foods of turkey and stuffing and pies, provide the opportunity to bring family together over a bountiful table.  There are plenty of ways to keep the traditions of the season while also making dishes that are nourishing and delicious.  Below is […]