Traveling Entertainers, Dancers Turn to Chiropractic for Top Performance

Did you ever wonder how dancers and traveling entertainers are able to perform at a high physical level show after show? Don’t they suffer from things like sore knees, muscle pulls and sore backs? Toss in lots of late nights, brutal travel schedules and con­stant physical exertion and you have the formula for all sorts of health concerns.

Enter Chiropractic. One traveling children’s entertainment group from Australia known as The Wiggles has fully embraced Chiropractic as part of their routine. Members of the crew have been using Chiropractic going all the way back to 2004 when they enlisted the services of James Stoxen, DC.

“Nearly all of the 14 dancers on tour with The Wiggles were suffering from shin splints, sore knees and hamstring problems from their grueling tour schedule,” said Anthony Field, a founder and original member of the group. This was before they came into contact with Dr. Stoxen.

The Wiggles are famous throughout Australia and are well-known in the United States as a highly interactive and energetic group of performers. They are known for their musical and dance productions, as well as a number of playful characters used to entertain and provide an educational message to children.

“The Wiggles have about 80 people on tour, only 15 of whom are performers. Any one of them could be experiencing health problems that need attention,” said Dr. Stoxen, who is known as a chiropractor to the stars. He is regularly on call to treat any number of performers or athletes who come through his home area of Chicago.

Field went on to talk about the reasons why members of The Wiggles cast were coming down with injuries. “Many of their pains were due to lack of proper injury prevention exercises and poor dance performance footwear,” he said. Dr. Stoxen showed us exercises and the right footwear. Once the foot was right, the rest of our bodies were okay.”

Now, Dr. Stoxen is one of a number of chiropractors across the United States who has worked with The Wiggles. These performers have a great appreciation for Chiropractic and how the services of a chiropractor can help to keep them healthy and performing at the top of their ability.

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