Few sports, if any, put the body and the athlete to the test like the Triathlon. Many com­petitors in this grueling adventure that includes swimming, bicycling and running would never make it to the starting line, much less the finish, without the help of their chiropractor.

One such athlete is Lisa Marshall. She is an All-American competitor in the 40-44 age group and earned the number one ranking in the Southeast Region of the US for 2006. She placed third in the USA Triathlon National Tournament and is a consistent top finisher in local races around Atlanta, GA.

Lisa's success has come through a combination of hard work and a reliance on her chiro­practor to help her keep her body properly aligned to be able to compete to her maximum ability. Her success has been hard earned.

I'm starting my sixth season of racing triathlons, said Lisa. I was a middle of the pack racer the first two seasons when I was kind of training and hurting myself in the process. I then became obsessed and stared adding on the training hours and miles and that's when I really hurt myself.

Lisa's injury came in a half Marathon race over Thanksgiving a few years ago. As the miles of the race piled on, she began having trouble with her Iliotibial band. (This is cord like tissue that runs between the top of the hip bone and the outside of the knee.)

This is a common location of injury in runners. Ice, rest and physical therapy for the next three months helped, but it did not address the source of the problem. I was stretching, doing some heat therapy and basically resting, said Lisa. However, as soon as I started run­ning a couple of miles again, the pain returned.

Fortunately, about his time, Lisa met a fellow competitor, Pamela Stone, a chiropractor from Kennesaw, GA. Dr. Stone suggested an examination and x-rays. This revealed an unleveling of Lisa's pelvis, subluxation (partial dislocations of the spine) and nerve interference. Lisa began Chiropractic treatment and has been under regular care ever since.

Lisa is one of the hardest working athletes I know, said Dr. Stone. The adjustments have helped her tremendously during the past three years. She always gets adjusted the day before a race so she is ready to compete, and has been able to train and run faster, as well as run pain free.

A person can benefit from Chiropractic as a long distance athlete or simply to help get through the physical demands of daily living. Why put up with pain when a Chiropractic exam and treatment can help you go the distance?

Source: The World Chiropractic Alliance. 2007.


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