Anyone who knows Chiropractic history remembers that the very first adjustment over 110 years ago by Dr. D.D. Palmer restored the hearing to Harvey Lillard after 17 years of deafness. A recent study supports this result.

Dr. Palmer examined Harvey and determined he had a bone out of place in his spine. With the gentleman's permission, Dr. Palmer administered what was the very first purposeful and intentional Chiropractic adjustment. Mr. Lillard's hearing was restored as a result.

Now, a 2006 test reported in Chiropractic & Osteopathy showed what could be considered quite a remarkable success rate when a Chiropractic adjustment was administered to a test group of 15 people with documented hearing loss.

Each of the participants was hearing tested prior to any treatment, and then received just a single Chiropractic adjustment. Subsequently, each had their hearing tested again.

Most of the participants experienced significant hearing improvement using a standardized testing process known as the Ventry and Weinstein criteria. Tests were made and results reported in differing sound volume ranges, known as decibels (dB).

At the level of normal conversation of 40 dB, 6 of the subjects had hearing restored, 7 showed improvement and 2 had no change. That is 87% of the patients showing improvement. At the level of quiet conversation but louder than a whisper of 25 dB, 11 patients or 73% had improvement.

The results of this single test do lend definite credibility to the original story of Dr. Palmer's success. According to researchers, this documented case study provides support to the fact that hearing improvements may result with Chiropractic care.

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