The Allergy-Free Body

For the 35 million Americans who know they have allergies and who want a better way to get over them, the treatment discoveries of California acupuncturist Devi S. Nambudripad, D.C., O.M.D., Ph.D., will come as good news. But for the 50% of Americans-128 million people-who suffer from problems caused, unknown to them, by allergies, Dr. Nambudripad's techniques will come as a great surprise.

This couldn't come at a better time because according to Dr. Nambudripad, far more people have allergies than doctors, or the patients themselves, have ever suspected.

The shocking fact is that there is hardly any human disease or condition in which allergic factors are not involved, claims Dr. Nambudripad. In other words, potentially you can be allergic to anything. If you check with enough people, as Nambudripad has, you'll find allergies to almost everything. Foods, clothing, plants, chemicals, vitamins, tap water, vaccines, furniture, plastic, metals, water, acrylic fingernails-the list is staggering.

Undiagnosed allergies can produce symptoms, illnesses, even chronic diseases like cancer that affect every system and organ in your body. Chronic fatigue, migraines, hyperactivity, arthritis, asthma, anxiety, and depression, can all be allergy-based. Unless you understand the secret of allergies, you may spend many years fruitlessly visiting medical specialists, never getting better.

Diagnosing hidden allergies in itself is not revolutionary. Environmental medicine has been doing that for several decades. Usually you remove the allergenic substance from your life, go on a rotation diet, and you can manage. But Nambudripad's techniques allow you to continue using the very substance that has made you sick-and without any further bad results.

The secret to NAET is to retrain your brain and nervous system to no longer react to the offending substance. We can reprogram our brains to perceive unsuitable energies as suitable ones and use them for our benefit rather than allow them to cause energy blockages and imbalances.

Here's what happens, according to Dr. Nambudripad: Your energy system and brain interpret a particular substance as potentially harmful to your body. For other people, this item might be a carob-coated cherry, a peanut, or hot water, etc. (a harmless, everyday item), but for your system, it's toxic. Your energy pathways freeze up as a way of defending the body against this unsuitable substance. This in turn blocks your energy meridians and if the condition never changes, the overall functioning of your body suffers.

With the first bite of most allergic foods, the brain begins to block the energy channels to prevent the entrance of the adverse energy of the food into the body, Nambudripad explains. This is what produces allergies. In Susan's case, it was her kidney meridian that got blocked and kept generating the allergic symptoms of fever, chills, headaches, and kidney infection. The sudden blocking of the meridians is one of the quickest defense mechanisms of the brain to stop the allergen from entering deeper into the body.

So, the offending substance causes an energy disturbance in a meridian, which blocks the energy flow, and then the body becomes unbalanced, symptoms show up, and eventually, you get sick.

But how can Nambudripad figure out what is the offending substance in the first place? She uses an ingenious technique called muscle testing, familiar to chiropractors as Applied Kinesiology.

The idea is simple: the patient holds a substance that you think produces allergies while the acupuncturist tests the strength of certain muscles. You extend your arm and resist as your provider gently tries to push it down. Allergenic substances weaken your muscles, so if you arm goes down, you're probably allergic to the substance you're holding in your other hand. This is something you can do at home with a partner whenever you suspect an allergy, as the section below shows.

The next step is to actually reprogram the patient's nervous system not to react anymore to the allergenic substance. This is the genius of Nambudripad's approach: it takes the allergy out of any substance and turns the allergic body into the allergy-free body.

The effect is to reorganize the body's way of reacting to a substance. Because the energy pathways are unblocked, your body does not have to defensively recoil every time it comes in contact with hundreds of allergenic substances.

Your brain re-interprets what it used to think was a poison, seeing it now as a harmless, acceptable substance. This produces a totally new, permanent and irreversible response to the allergen, Nambudripad says. Your nervous system learns a different response to the same stimulus and you are suddenly allergy-free.

Using Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques, you undo your body's conditioned response and allow it to co-exist again with everyday items. You only have to stay away from the substance for 24 hours as your energy meridians reset themselves.

Let's not forget too, that in thousands of cases, NAET transforms people who are acutely or chronically ill into healthy, happy, functioning, allergy-free human beings again.

Is a permanent cure for allergies possible? At last the answer is a definite yes, " Nambudripad says. You can retrain the body to go back to its original function, so you can make the nervous system accept the presence of other rejected items without creating blockages or unpleasantness in the body.

Dr. Nambudripad learned the principles of NAET the best possible way through being sick herself. She was sick since childhood with multiple illnesses. She had eczema, arthritis, joint aches, bronchitis, insomnia, clinical depression, sinusitis, migraine headaches, chronic exhaustion, plus she suffered 3 miscarriages.

By the time she arrived in Los Angeles nearly 20 years ago from India, she was taking 30 aspirin a day to survive. She tried all sorts of doctors, techniques, medicines, herbs, vitamins, and nutritional programs, but everything made her worse. The only things she wasn't allergic to were white rice and broccoli. Every inch of my body ached.

Finally, she stumbled upon an acupuncturist who tested her for allergies. He was the first physician Nambudripad encountered who made the link between her rather stunning list of problems and undiagnosed allergies. I followed my teacher's advice and ate white rice and broccoli exclusively. All of her symptoms started to lift, but as soon as she started to add more items to her food list, the allergic reactions returned. I was simply allergic to everything under the sun.

Was she to live on rice and broccoli the rest of her life? That is what she did for the next 42 months. Then one day she ate a carrot and made a discovery that led to NAET.

After eating only a few bites of carrot, Nambudripad instantly felt tired and lethargic, as if she were going to faint. She used muscle testing on herself and learned she was highly allergic to carrots. Was this to be just another item added to her list of untouchable substances? No. This time Nambudripad had an idea.
She gave herself an acupuncture treatment, working the points she knew would keep her awake or from going into shock. Then she slept for 45 minutes. When she woke, she felt completely different, no longer sick and tired. Compared to how she'd felt for years, this was a new state of supreme well-being. Then she looked at her hands. She was still holding pieces of carrot.

That's when she saw the link between holding the allergenic substance within your body's electromagnetic field while receiving a treatment for adverse food reaction. Somehow the combination of the two took the allergic charge out of the carrots. Her body was no longer repulsed by the energy of the carrots. To prove it, she ate a carrot and had no allergic reaction. She tested her muscles for carrots and got nothing. Carrots had lost their allergic bite.

The result is NAET. In the last 15 years of clinical use it has entirely relieved allergy symptoms or produced satisfactory improvements in 80-90% of her patients, which number in the thousands. In every case, allergies were cleared out, never to return. And all this without any strict rotation or elimination diets to avoid the allergy-producing substance.

The experience opened Nambudripad's eyes to a new world of cause and effect in understanding allergies. I discovered that although it has been gaining acceptance as a separate area of medical study in the last few years, allergy certainly has not been given the recognition it deserves as a primary cause of many types of disorders and illnesses.

Both physicians and patients attest to the high degree of success with NAET. Many have said goodbye to illnesses they thought were permanent afflictions.

Dr. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique is the most incredible practice tool I have seen in health care in my 40 years of practice, states chiropractor John Kasler, D.C., of Charlotte, North Carolina. I have seen NAET put my extremely sick patients back in control of their lives once again, comments acupuncturist Jan K. Steele, L.Ac., O.M.D. “After completion of an NAET treatment program, they are free of symptoms, free of excessive medication, and free once again to enjoy good health.”

Ask Novato, California, chiropractor Dr. Eleanor Chin, D.C., about NAET, and you get more positive feedback. NAET is a practical potent, and proven method of changing the body's unbalanced response to a substance, be it food or environmental. A number of my patients have told me that this work is the single most powerful booster of their immune function, while also integrating the mind, body, and emotional aspects of healing.

Even the allergy specialists, such as environmental medicine physician, Sandra Denton, M.D., of the Alaska Alternative Medicine Center in Anchorage, admit that NAET has shown them something new about treating allergies.

Dr. Denton herself had endured chronic fatigue syndrome and serious asthma for years until Dr. Nambudripad revealed the host of substances she was allergic to and freed her body of its need to react against them. She pointed out to me that many health problems in people all over the world are undiagnosed allergic reactions or due to the lowering of the immune system by multiple allergic reactions that allow diseases to attack the weakened host, Denton says.

Perhaps this patient's comment from an NAET-using acupuncturist's casebook says it all: I felt as if I was let out of jail, that I escaped from allergy hell! This happy patient, like many others, has seen there is a way to transform the allergic body into a healthy, balanced, and livable body.

According to Dr. Nambudripad, here's how you and a partner can quickly identify which particular substance you're allergic to so you don't have to suffer your body's allergic reaction to it anymore....

  1. Lie down in a flat surface, table, bed, or floor, your arms at your side.
  2. Raise your left arm to a 90° angle. As the tester tries to push it down towards your toes, pushing lightly against the hand or forearm, gently resist it. Tester applies 5-10# pressure for 3-5 seconds.
  3. If your arm goes weak right away, your energy is unbalanced. Tester places right forefinger at a point 1.5 inches below the navel and left forefinger at base of sternum. Gently tap these two points simultaneously with the fingertip for 20 seconds.
  4. Retest the arm, following STEP 2. If the arm remains strong, go to STEP 5.
  5. In your writing hand, hold the substance you suspect you are allergic to. Make sure your fingernails are scrubbed clean and carry no trace of perfume or other substances.
  6. Tester presses against each of the 12 meridian points one by one, trying to push your arm down at the same time. Use the tip of your index finger to apply light pressure for 60 seconds at each point. Where your arm goes weak and drops down, that is the acupuncture meridian that is blocked by the substance in your hand.
  7. Remove the allergenic substance from your energy field. Do not eat it or use it. Make an appointment with the acupuncturist who provides NAET to reprogram your nervous system to not react to this substance anymore.

Whole Health Center provide Allergy Elimination treatments with acupuncture, in conjunction with nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes, supplements and Chinese herbs to decrease your sugar cravings.

In general, the first visit we test all of the basic categories, including the item the patient is most allergic to. And then we choose the most basic item and provide the allergy elimination treatment.
In the first visit, the acupuncturist will also suggest how many acupuncture treatments you may need to target your basic allergy. For 25 hours after each treatment, some patients need to maintain their health and stay away from the allergen(s) they were just treated for. An average of 10-20 treatments are needed. Some special items such as your cat that triggers your asthma, the latex glove that makes you itch, will only take one individual treatment to eliminate.

Generally, patients feel much better after each treatment. They have fewer symptoms and can usually tolerate foods better or be around the allergens without symptoms.

Start the Allergy Elimination Treatment with Whole Health Center today. You will be able to digestive your food better, feel better and around thing you want to be.

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