We offer a wide variety of payment plans:

    • We will bill your insurance if your insurance will pay for your treatment.
    • We offer cash at time of service pricing.
    • We offer family plans and pre-paid discount plans.
    • We are partners with Care Credit which allows you to get the help you need today and pay later, interest-free.



Time of service pricing:

      • Initial visit: Evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and treatment plan $160
      • Follow up visit $90, or prepaid:
        • 20-visit $1300, $65/visit
        • 10-visit $750, $75/visit
        • 5-visit $400, $80/visit
      • Out call $170


Time of service pricing:

      • Initial visit $95
      • Follow up visits $55

Massage Therapy

Time of service pricing:

      • 30 minutes $45
      • 60 minutes $70
      • 90 minutes $95
      • 120 minutes $130
      • Prepaid six one hour massages $330

Gift certificates are available every day.

Chair massage is available daily at Whole Foods in Highlands Ranch for $1/minute.

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