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As an OBGYN doctor in China, I treated numerous breech babies very successfully. The success rate was more than 50%. I found that the earlier you started the treatment the better. The closer to the due date, the bigger the baby and thus the more difficult to turn the baby. Moxibustion, combined with manipulation by your OBGYN doctor, improves the rate of breech birth turn around.

AT NIH report: Research Sponsored by NCCAM and OAM show:

In a third small controlled study, eight pregnant women were given a type of acupuncture treatment called Moxibustion* to reduce the rate of breech births, in which the fetus is positioned for birth feet-first, instead of the normal position of head-first. Researchers found the treatment to be safe, but they were uncertain whether it was effective. Then, researchers reporting in the November 11, 1998 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association conducted a larger randomized controlled clinical trial using Moxibustion for breech births. They found that Moxibustion applied to 130 pregnant women presenting breech, significantly increased the number of normal head-first births.

*Moxibustion: The use of dried herbs (Mugwort) in acupuncture. Generally, Moxibustion in the United States involves the use of sticks of compressed herb, or herbs, and is an adjunct to acupuncture rather than a part of acupuncture.

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