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I've been a patient of Dr. Lin's for many years ...

I've been a patient of Dr. Lin's for many years, and she has steered me through many life changes including menopause. A combination of acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese herbs made the transition to menopause easy and comfortable. The misery of my symptoms of menopause only briefly interrupt my life now, and I feel a sense of control and peace of mind. It seems that with every seasonal change, I am back for acupuncture! And, I continue to take the Cortisol Manager Dr. Lin recommended when I get too stressed out.

When I started experiencing chronic back pain, I naturally wanted to take her advice to try the new Chinese Meridian Therapy being offered by Whole Health.

Chinese Meridian Therapy immediately made sense to me. If you take the case that the body is electrical energy vibrating at specific energies, then it would follow that electrical energy strategically applied could help restore imbalances in the system and clear the pathways that had become "clogged" in my body. Acupuncture was so effective in restoring the balance of hormones, could clearing the channels with electro massage help me manage my chronic pain?

Chronic pain has been described as a cycle that has to be interrupted and my back pain was a complex case to resolve.

My cycle included muscle spasms, sub lux ribs, and a pelvic imbalance. It seemed that my muscles and my bones were in a constant tug of war. It was hard to get out of bed in the morning; often I would have to roll out of bed and get on the floor immediately to do exercises that would release my back. A sneeze or cough would cause pain. My Yoga stretches could not release the tight muscles in my mid-back (and I am a pretty accomplished Yogini, with 20 plus years of practicing and teaching!) My sleep was also being impacted and I would awaken in the morning not feeling as though I had slept. The pain was impacting my moods and my outlook on life.

Many people with chronic pain do experience hopelessness and despair — and I was reaching that point when Dr. Lin recommended Chinese Meridian Therapy (electro massage) and chiropractic treatments. The massage would release the muscle spasms and the chiropractic treatments helped my bones find their rightful place and regain their natural movement.

The electro massage seemed to penetrate deeply into the muscle and interrupt the spasm. The muscles then seemed to regain their natural rhythm of contraction and expansion as my body moved. Following my first treatment, I slept a deep, restorative sleep. The healing had begun. Through persistent and consistent attention to my body, my pain has been reduced significantly, and with daily exercises and an anti-inflammatory diet, I can feel my body being restored to its natural balance.

With Dr. Lin's coaching and partnership with the care providers at Whole Health, I've been able to explore this new modality to resolve my physical issues — in relentless pursuit of optimum health, vitality and performance. With blending the ancient arts and science of acupuncture, energy flow, and herbs, my modern-day stress and aging process has become a graceful dance of wisdom and treatments.

- Mary Grace Glasier has been a patient of Dr. Lin's for 10 years. She has studied and practiced lyengar Yoga for 23 years and studies the teachings of Edgar Cayce, considered to be the father of holistic medicine. She has held certifications as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has numerous training certifications for business courses she leads professionally. She is a writer and a corporate consultant and trainer. Currently She leads transformational seminars locally and designs and delivers webinars to international high-tech audiences.

Thank you Dr. Lin, you're the best!

While I was growing up I remember my mother being treated for high blood pressure. She never had success in getting it under control. At the same time, my father's brother was dealing with hypertension and died with continued readings over 300.

When I was in my early 20's, my inherited hypertension started to show its ugly head. It started as an elevated blood pressure. As time went by and I had doctor visits for various reasons, my blood pressure got higher. My primary physician gave me numerous kinds of prescription drugs. But because of my terror at having my blood pressure taken, we weren't sure if treatment helped. The nurses lectured me, "Your blood pressure is too high, you're going to have a stroke", blah, blah, blah. I'm interpreting them as saying, "Shame on you, bad girl. You've got high blood pressure." Every doctor visit I had the same reaction — nobody believed me when I said I have 'white coat syndrome'. I've had surgeries and under anesthesia my blood pressure has been as low as 117/72. Good ole' stress has done a job on me.

Dr. Lin has started me on Notoginseng. After a month or so of being on this, I had a doctor's appointment. My blood pressure was 146/80 — a miracle! I had him write it on a note so I could show everyone wanting to take my blood pressure — Foot doctor, Dentist, GYN. I used to ask if they were then going to treat my blood pressure or why did they need to take it since I knew I had a problem.

I'm doing better with my doctor, but still not so hot with others. Hoping that with continued use of — Dr. Lin calls it dirt — I'll eventually beat the fear of a blood pressure cuff!

Thank you Dr. Lin, you're the best!


All wonderful traits when one is seeking medical or alternative care.

I've been a patient of Dr. Lin's for over 10 years. She and ALL the other providers at Whole Health Center are exemplary. And . . . it all starts at the front desk. Marcy and her staff are warm, welcoming and light-hearted. All wonderful traits when one is seeking medical or alternative care.

-Nancy N.

Coming here was a life changing decision that helped me both physically and emotionally.

Hello, my name is Bonnie and I want to share with you my personal journey. In 2016, I was a very healthy and active 65 yr old woman. I was an avid hiker who hiked almost 200 miles in 7 months, including my first fourteener. Unfortunately, I had increasing pain develop over time in my foot. I found a podiatrist who diagnosed a neuroma and when nonsurgical treatments did not work I had surgery in March 2017 with another doctor, an orthopedic surgeon. Right after surgery I knew something was wrong with my foot. Instead of getting better it was getting worse. I kept scheduling appointments to see the surgeon but I was told at every visit, by both him and his PA, that it was normal. After 3 months of not being able to put on a sock, shoe or even walk, and experiencing excruciating pain 24/7, I went back to my podiatrist who immediately diagnosed me with CRPS Type 2. She even conferred with another podiatrist, a colleague, to confirm it. CRPS Type 2 is a debilitating medical condition that deeply affected me both physically and emotionally. Especially, given a slim chance for improvement. She recommended PT but I knew I needed to do more and after doing a lot of research on this condition I decided to include acupuncture as an integral part of my treatment plan. I had a lot of success here with acupuncture treatments for some back issues in the past. Coming here was a life changing decision that helped me both physically and emotionally. I have made significant improvements. While my journey is still ongoing I have confidence I will continue to improve with the continuing support of Whole Health. Trust your instincts and choose to be in charge of your own medical journey!

-Bonnie S.

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