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Abdominal Pain indicates pain in the abdominal area that extends from your rib line down to your groin. Pain in this area can arise from stomach or digestive issues, as well as any other problems in the abdominal cavity. People may experience dull or sharp pain in this area, which can indicate a variety of health issues.

In Chinese Medicine, pain indicates that there is a blockage or lack of proper circulation that is described as “stagnation”. This can be the result of long term lifestyle, dietary habits, or acute injury. According to TCM, abdominal pain may be caused by conditions of poor blood circulation in the stomach or intestines, “cold” in the stomach, “stomach fire”, food stagnation, rebellious or deficient stomach qi. Common root causes for abdominal pain are the consumption of excessive amounts of cold, spicy, or greasy foods or not eating enough. Through a detailed evaluation with your acupuncturist, a proper diagnosis and treatment plan can be made for pain relief, and restoration of harmony in the body.

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