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Arm pain can refer to multiple different common conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, medial epicondylitis, and much more. Arm pain can include nerve pain - such as burning, tingling, or numbness - muscle pain or cramping, and tendon inflammation. Each of these conditions can be treated with Chinese medicine.

In cases of muscular and nerve pain, Chinese medicine treatment will focus on blood circulation and muscle relaxation. Nerve pain typically involves tight muscles which are cutting off circulation and reducing nerve activity. By relaxing the tightened muscles, pressure will be lifted off of the nerves and proper nervous system function will steadily be reestablished.

Tendon pain can be treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs through reduction of inflammation. Once inflammation is reduced, treatment usually focuses on blood circulation. Proper blood flow brings nutrition to the tendons allowing for the body to regenerate and heal.

In each of these conditions, proper diet and exercise is also very important. Each case will be treated uniquely and holistically allowing for efficient recovery and lasting effects.

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