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Many reports have shown acupuncture to be useful in the treatment of migraines and other forms of headaches.

In a preliminary trial, 18 of 26 patients suffering from migraine headaches demonstrated an improvement in symptoms following therapy with acupuncture, accompanied by a 50% reduction in the use of pain medication (Baischer, W.). Previous preliminary studies have demonstrated similar results (Boivie, 1987; Loh, 1984; Spoerel, 1976). These results have also been confirmed in placebo-controlled trials (Vincent, 1989, Lenhard, 1983). Improvement has been maintained at one and three years of follow-up and Markelova, et. al., 1984 has shown that in migraine headaches acupuncture responders, the therapeutic effect is achieved by normalization of serotonin levels and not by analgesic effects from increased endorphin production. In preliminary research, patients suffering from chronic headaches of various types (including migraine, cluster, or tension headaches) have also experienced an improvement in symptoms following acupuncture treatment (Cheng, 1975). In a study comparing acupuncture to traditional drug therapy, a significantly greater cure rate was achieved in the acupuncture group relative to the drug treatment group (75% vs. 34%).

Our practitioners are very successful in treating headache patients in our clinic.

Anything from mild to severe; short lasting to long lasting; and acute to chronic. It can also be used for patients that get headaches following various types of surgery.

Most patients experience less intensity, less frequency, and less duration of headaches after the first acupuncture treatment. It normally takes approximately 6-8 treatments for most patients to feel 80-90% better. More severe cases can take longer.

We always provide Chinese herbal therapy to increase the effectiveness of the acupuncture treatment.

If you get headaches a lot and take Tylenol or other medication to get relief, please call Acupuncture Associates for an appointment. You will feel better without the use of synthetic medications.

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