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Overview and Cause

Diarrhea refers to abnormal frequency and liquidity of fecal discharges. It has so many different reasons. Most of them are chronic symptoms in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM Effectiveness and Evaluation

Many cases of diarrhea are successfully treated by TCM. TCM's treatment approach though recovering from root causes. It is more effective than other kind of treatments, also can avoid re-occurrence and no side effects. A treatment cycle should be taken one or two months.

Common Syndromes and Treatments in TCM

This ailment, according to TCM, has different syndromes. The treatment for these syndromes using herbal medicine and acupuncture is shown below.

Syndrome (a) Deficiency of the Spleen and Stomach

Loose stools with indigested food, anorexia, epigastric distress, sallow complexion, lassitude, pale tongue with white coating, thin and weak pulse.


To treat by Herbal medicine

Therapeutic principle: Reinforcing the Spleen and Stomach.

Prescription/Formula: PDangshen 15g, Lotus Seed (Lianziren)12g, White Astractylodes Rhizome(Baizhu) 12g, Chinese Yam (Shanyao)12g, Hyacinth Bean(Baibiandou) 30g, Poria (Fuling)15g, Coix Seed (Yiyiren)15g, Tangerine Peel(Chenpi) 10g, Prepared Licorice Root(Zhigancao)6g.


To treat by Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Prescription: Pishu(BL20) Weishu(BL21) Zhongwan(RN12),Tianshu(ST25), Zusanli(ST36).

Syndrome (b) Deficiency of the Kidney-Yang

Slight pain of the abdomen and diarrhea, or borborygmus without pain at dawn, cold limbs, lassitude in the loins and legs, pale tongue with white coating, deep and thin pulse.


To treat by Herbal medicine

Prescription/Formula: Dangshen 15g, White Astractylodes Rhizome(Baizhu) 12g, Baked Ginger(paojiang)10g, Cinnamon Bark(Rougui) 6g, Nutmeg(Roudoukou)10g, Chebula Fruit(Kezirou)15g, Aucklandia Root(Muxiang)6g, Licorice root(Gancao) 6g.


To treat by Acupuncture and Moxibustion

(a) Body Acupuncture

Prescription: Shenshu(BL23) Guanyuanshu(BL26), Mingmen(DU4) Qihai(RN6) Zhongwan(RN12), Tianshu(ST25), Zusanli(ST36)

(a) Ear Acupuncture

Prescription: Pt. Large Intestine, Pt. Small Intestine, Pt. Stomach, Pt. Spleen, Pt. Sympathetic Nerve, Pt. Shenmen.

Healing by Other Therapies

(a) Qigong and other therapies

Generally speaking, Qigong is good for healing effect of this specific ailment, however individual results may vary. It improves the flow of the qi and the circulation of the blood, so you'll experience more energy, but, you won't see/ feel any immediate effects, as with many exercises and therapies, it takes a few weeks or even months of practice before you'll see any significant improvements.

The following types of Qigong may help:

  1. Static Qigong:

    • Relaxation Qigong

    • Inner-Nourishing Qigong

  2. Dynamic Qigong:

    • Fifteen Sets of Taiji-Qigong

    • Baduanjing of Internal Exercise

    • Taiji

  3. Specific Dynamic Qigong:

    • Regulating-Spleen Qigong

This information is for education purpose only. We strongly advise you seek a licensed Qigong master to learn the correct ways to conduct these exercises before attempting them.

(b) Medicated diet

  1. Schisandra (Wuweizi) 10g, Chinese Yam (Shanyao) 30g, Lotus Seed ( Lianzirou) 12g, Hyacinth Bean (Baibiandou) 10g, rice 60g, put 4 cups of water then soak for 20 minutes, boil for 30 minutes to make rice gruel, eat once a day for one month.

  2. Dangshen 20g, Astragalus Root (Huangqi) 20g, lean pork 100g, with 4 cups of water to decoct 1-2 cups of soup to drink twice a week for 2 months.

(c) Life style

  1. Don't eat raw, cold, or deep-fried food.

  2. Take regular meals on time, avoid excessive food and/or drink at one meal.

  3. Avoid mental stress and overstrain.

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